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Pets Secret Servant

'Pets Secret Servant’ (PSS) provides clients with a unique service that creates peace of mind and indulgence. We offer our clients the kind of exceptional service, discretion and reliability that epitomises excellence and value. Most importantly, we provide monetary value with competitive pricing for luxury, personalised, exclusive pet care services.

Pets Secret Servant provides comprehensive, client centered services to enhance the health and wellbeing of animals and to promote the human-animal bond. By this we mean that we address the entirety of the pet’s emotional, physical and environmental needs. We
also believe in providing support and education for owners so they are equipped to care effectively for their pets from the beginning to the end of the pet’s life.

Pets Secret Servant’s mission is to promote safe, loving, long-term relationships between people and companion animals by providing a continuum of services and programs that are innovative, personalised, and of the highest standards.

We believe that a loving relationship with a companion animal is enriching, promotes health and well-being, and brings joy to everyday life. Our staff will know the personalities and needs of every animal in our care. Our PSS pet care team have great mix of professional skills, special interests and expertise.

Pets Secret Servant understands quality and service excellence. We pride ourselves on serving many discerning clients, both individuals and families, who typically are very busy, have demanding lifestyles and work environments. Our goal, is to deliver, extraordinary pet services and experiences, and in doing so, enables you to excel and focus on the other areas of your life that need attention.

Our one-stop ‘Pets Secret’ service allows you to have a person on call, ready to arrange any personal, social or professional pet matter, at anytime you request it and at any place you require it. No request is too small or unattainable. With a passion for luxury and quality pet care services, the Pets Secret Servant can tailor your pet care program to match your requirements.

We are pet lovers and owners, too. We believe we have the best job in the world! And we understand that today's rush and busy lifestyles can unwillingly leave our beloved pet friends at the end of the list.

PSS create specialist pet lifestyle management programs to enhance your pet’s happiness.

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