Personalised Pet Solution for Busy Professionals and Families

Pet Chauffeur


Is there a grooming or vet appointment your pet needs to attend?

Don’t have enough time in the working day to collect your pets before 5pm?

Do you struggle to meet your pet’s lifestyle appointments during business hours?

Do you need your pet chauffeured to meet you somewhere in your busy schedule?

No request is too small or unattainable.

Our one-stop Pets Secret service allows you to have a person on call, ready to arrange any personal, social or professional pet matter, at anytime you request it and at any place you require it. For time management assistance, schedule your event and travel services with your own Pets Secret Servant.

Cost:       $36 for an hour service or split for a return trip
               Added to cost is 85c for each kilometre travelled

Services:  Pet transport

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