Personalised Pet Solution for Busy Professionals and Families

Sports & Leisure


Personalised Health and Exercise Programs’

Are you working all day?

Is your pet left alone all day while you are away for 10-12 hours a day?

Running a busy household and not spending at much time with your pets as you would like?

‘Every dog owner knows the key to a happy and healthy dog is walks, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, good fun and mental stimulation’.

It can be difficult to give your pet all the exercise they need to stay happy and healthy and eliminate the effects and behaviours of boredom, loneliness, barking, digging holes, jumping up and general separation anxiety. Daily exercise will energise their mind, body and spirit.

Our sports and leisure program has been specifically designed to assist you with your busy lifestyle and provide all the love, exercise, training, corrective behaviour and socialisation your pet needs.

Services; Dog walking, running, swimming, exercise.

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